Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thanks to Leslie, my collection of Turkish cards keeps on increasing :) And they're all very beautiful! This one shows a small map of Turkey (so, there are 7 regions/provinces in Turkey?) and some Turkish art. It's very different from what you can see in other European countries and I think it Turkey will always be closer to Asia. I think there's no need to change it, because culture of Asian countries is really fascinating and there's no point in trying to make people more "European". I've already heard different opinions about Turkey and Turkish people (I mean especially their attitude to women, is Islam still very important in their life etc). I haven't been to Turkey, so I only know the stereotypes, but there's no doubt that Turkey is a beautiful country with interesting history and culture.


Anonymous said...


Turkey is not an Asian country. Both Turkish and "Asian" people would probably feel better "defined" if you refer to Turkey as a Middle Eastern country. Another option would be Eastern European. (I assume that when you express your desire to make a separation between Turkey and Europe, what you have in mind is Western Europe.)

And yes, Islam, both as a belief system and a cultural context, is very strong in Turkey. But then again, what you understand from or how one labels Islam, and the unexamined assumptions underlying such associations require in depth analysis.

There's hope, exquisite beauty and potential peace in this world just because there're many different people, hundreds of sub-cultures, thousands of spiritual alignments and belief systems, millions of skin tones, and zibillions of thoughts etc etc

I quite liked your postcards by the way.

Go well,

Leslie said...

I think everyone will disagree on what to "call" Turkey, but that's part of the fun of living here. :) We also sometimes say it's "a Mediterranean country," as if there weren't already enough choices. :)

To answer your question, we actually have 81 administrative provinces. The seven regions shown on this map are used for the census, just for statistics, and don't have any governmental purpose.

Glad you liked the card! ;)