Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ukraine - national costumes

First of all, I have to say that I hate it, when cards have some postmarks on the front side :( I have no idea, how to remove them. But well, it happens sometimes and still prefer receiving stamped postcards, because it makes me feel that they really travelled many kms to reach my mailbox :)
And of course, I love this postcard not only because it's Ukrainian (I think everyone already knows that I'm a bit - or a bit more than just a bit - crazy about the Ukraine) ;), but also because it shows something less typical than a city view or landscape. These are the national Ukrainian costumes from different regions. From the left side: Київщина (Kyivshchyna - Kyiv region), Східне Полісся (Skhidne Polissya - Eastern Polesia), Закарпаття (Zakarpattya - Transcarpathia), Покуття Городенківське (Pokuttya Horodenkivs'ke - Horodenkiv Pokuttya).


Sabrina said...

it is so mean if that happens but to be honest I prefer that over cards being ripped and torn :( somehow it gives the card a look of traveling, I don't find it too horrible, but still :(
the card looks otherwise really great

Martinha said...

Today i've received a card from China also with a postmark on the front of the card, fortunately, the card has a big white frame and it was postmarked on it. Not too bad. I've tried to remove the postmark with alchool but it didn't work.
But like Sabrina said, postmarks on the front, are a bit better than beeing ripped.