Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ukraine - Kyiv

This postcard comes from one of my favorite cities - Kyiv, which is the capital of Ukraine :) I guess this city is better known as Kiev, but I think Kyiv is more correct. Why? Because "Kyiv" represents the Ukrainian name of this city ("Київ"), while "Kiev" is closer to Russian "Киев". Kyiv is a very old city - it celebrated its 1500th anniversary in 1982.

I've been to Kyiv only twice, because it's quite far away (about 1000km) from me. There's a train from Wrocław (my city) to Kyiv, but it takes about 24 hours to get there. I went there for the first time in 2007 and I spent 2 days in Kyiv. That was really interesting experience, because I had been only to Western Ukraine before and I could easily see some differences. I love the architecture of Kyiv, old churches, Dnipro river, Khreshchatyk street and the Independence Square ;)

Just because Kyiv is a very special city for me, I went there for one day this year :) I was visiting my friend in Ternopil', about 500km away from Kyiv. We decided to go to Kyiv by a night train, to spend a whole day there and to come back to Ternopil' during the next night. That was quite a crazy idea, but I think we should do some crazy things sometimes to have great memories when we're already old ;)

This postcard shows a panoramic view upon the monument to Bogdan Khmel'nitsky and St. Michael's Golden-Domed monastery.

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