Monday, October 27, 2008

Russia - Moscow (RU-25728)

This beautiful postcard shows the Arch or Triumph and Poklonny Hill in Moscow. I've been to Moscow once (and that was my only trip to Russia), but when I first saw this card, I wasn't sure, which city (and country) it is :) Of course, now I remind myself much more, although I'm not sure, if I was in that place. I remember it was very cold (about -20 Celcius degrees, which was extremely freezing for me), but I enjoyed my stay in Russia anyway, because it used to be one of my biggest dreams several years ago. I'd love to go to Russia at least once more, because I haven't been to Saint-Petersburg yet and my best friend lives there :) We've already met in Moscow, Poland, Ukraine, but not yet it her city, so I think I definitely should try to improve it :)


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