Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finland - skiing (FI-389470)

I like receiving cards showing something typical for the country and its culture. There are not so many cards like that in Poland, but I'm glad to receive them from other countries :)
Thanks to the sender of this card I know something new about Finland :) There are several big cross-country skiing competitions in Finland and some of them are skied on ice on lakes. I've associated the Finnish lakes with beautiful landscapes (especially during the sunset), but now I know that they can also be a good place for skiing :)


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Sabrina said...

x) this looks so funny! great card!
I can not ski for my life depending on it. Antti forced me one time to try it... never again :P
It was so cute, one morning I was sitting in the bus and all the minis from firstr grad, 6 y.o. or so, were llearning to ski, small guys and girls in a row... <3 sweet