Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finland (FI-373337)

This card is nice, because I think it shows some Finnish caricature or something like that, but I don't have much information about it.

The online translator translates "Kyllä raha rintaa nostaa" as "Yes, money raised breasts" and Satakunta is a historical region of Finland.
There's also a short text on the back side of this card, saying: "Värilliset sananparsikuvat 5/15". According to the online translator, "värilliset" means "colored", but the 2nd word is unknown.

Dear Finnish people (or Finnish speakers), if you're reading it, please help me to understand a bit better, what is this card about :) Thanks in advance.



Anonymous said...

mhm might not be a perfect translation: "Money rises/increases your chest"

About Satakunta I am not can mean 100 or a place...

Anonymous said...

so your translation was right. I guess it is one of these caricatures, a political one.