Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finland - a drawing by Mauri Kunnas (FI-391948)

This sweet dog was drawn by Mauri Kunnas :) I haven't heard of him before, but Postcrossing is very helpful, when it comes to learning about other countries and their culture. Especially about Finland ;)

Mauri Tapio Kunnas (born February 11, 1950 in Vammala) is a Finnish cartoonist and children's author.
Kunnas matriculated in 1969 and graduated from the Finnish Academy of Arts as a graphic designer in 1975. He has worked as a political cartoonist in many Finnish newspapers. He is currently living in Espoo with his wife Tarja, children Jenna (1983) and Noora (1987) and their cat.
Kunnas is most famous for his numerous children's books, featuring anthropomorphic animals. His most famous children's book series is called Koiramäki (Dog Hill), set in historical Finland, featuring anthropomorphic dogs. His other works include Riku, Roope ja Ringo (Ricky, Rocky and Ringo), some "horror" books and books about Joulupukki.


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