Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spain - Galicia (ES-27840)

That's my first postcard ever from Spain :) The sender doesn't give much information about it... So I tried to use online translator, but the result wasn't very logical :) What I know for sure (well, at least I hope so) is that this card shows the sea in region of Galicia. And it's from Museum of Sea. I really wanted to know, what does "Levamos o mar dentro" mean, but, as I've already mentioned, the online translator didn't help me. Anyway, I'm really glad to have the 1st Spanish card in my collection :)



Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I think it means:
'We take the sea inside.'
A good slogan for a museum of the sea, I suppose...

dvdorca said...

Yes, it means 'We take the sea inside', written in Galician language. The museum is in Vigo.