Monday, August 25, 2008

Finland - Riihimäki (FI-350523)

I was already a bit worried about not receiving any postcards from Finland for almost 3 weeks, but, finally, this one has arrived ;) I don't remember, if I've already written that I'm always glad to receive a city/town view from Finland, because most of Finnish cards show landscapes (which are beautiful, of course), or the whole country :) This postcards shows the church in Riihimäki and a Glass Museum.

Riihimäki (literally "Drying barn hill" in English) is a town and municipality in the south of Finland, about 69 km north of Helsinki and 109 km southeast of Tampere. It is somewhat of a railway junction, since the railway tracks going from different parts of the nation to Helsinki merge there.


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Ana said...

Ha! So im not the only one who gladly anticipates receiving a card from Finland! :) Its nice to actually see someone else on this side while the majority of people say they are fed up of the Finnish me, what the Finnish cards portray is simply beautiful, and the nature is just amazing! And i havent received a card from there in a while as well...the Finnish officials are somewhat avoiding me....