Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Czech Republic - Plzeň (CZ-13989)

I'm lucky to receive Czech cards from cities that I haven't been to! :) This one shows Plzeň (Pilsen), which is known for the Pilsener beer ;) But there are some other interesting facts about this city (at least for me they're more interesting, as I don't drink beer) :)

"The most prominent sights of Pilsen are the Gothic St. Bartholomew's Cathedral, founded in the late 13th century, the tower of which (102.26 m / 335 ft) is the highest in the Czech Republic, the Renaissance Town Hall, and the Moorish Revival Great Synagogue in Pilsen, the second largest synagogue in Europe, after the Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest. There is also a 20km historic underground tunnel/cellar network, among the longest in Central Europe. Part of this network is open to the public for tours of approximately 750 metres in length and up to a depth of 12 metres."


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