Wednesday, July 16, 2008

USA - Florida (US-188204)

This beautiful postcard (I love sunsets on the seaside... The palms make it even more exotic) was actually sent from Georgia, but shows the only state that I've been to :) Yes, I've been to Florida 4 years ago, I spent there 3 weeks and that was the only time, when I went outside Europe. What I remember very clearly is that I didn't want to go there, because I was afraid of traveling by plane. Then I didn't know, what it was like. Now that I know (today was 26th flight in my life) - my aviaphobia has developed and it's always like a nightmare for me...
But I was supposed to write about Florida, right? It was a great fun for me to swim in an ocean and to wear summer clothes in February (here, in Poland, it's rather impossible) ;) I also saw a completly different mentality of people, cities completely different than the ones I know from Europe. And still... I like Europe (especially Eastern Europe) much more. Well, of course, I know that states of the USA may different from one another more than some European counries, so visiting Florida isn't enough to say if I like this country or not. Maybe someday I'll have an opportunity to check it in another state. Maybe. :)


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