Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Irish postcard with Belgian ID :) (BE-17590)

It's always a bit confusing for me, when I receive a postcard from one country, with another country's ID :) For example, I don't know, which label should I put on my blog (so I put both, of course) ;) This one came from Ireland, with Irish stamp, but with Belgian ID. It was sent by a Belgian postcrosser, who was spending his holidays in Dublin. Actually, I don't mind it, because I visit Belgium several times a year, while I haven't been to Ireland and it's harder to get a postcard from there.
There are really many Polish people working in Ireland, but I'd like to go there just as a tourist, I wouldn't like to work abroad. Now travelling is much easier than even 10 years ago, so I believe it's possible.
By the way, I'm glad that Irish became the official language of EU. Maybe it will help to save this language?

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