Tuesday, July 15, 2008

France - Brittany (FR-26235)

This postcard came from Bretagne - a really beautiful region of France. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Bretagne yet, but I was very close in February this year :) Although nowadays most of people in Brittany speak French, they also have their own Breton language, which belongs to the Celtic group. Among the young people under 20, only about 1% can speak Breton. It's sad when some languages are disappearing and even a group of activists and enthusiasts won't help, if people aren't willing to learn it. Of course, that's been happening for many centuries - some nations, cultures, languages aren't able to survive (especially if they have too strong neighbors). But I hope that in this case there's still something that can be done to save this interesting language and culture :)


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Yohann said...

It's great to read an article like that about my region... Thanks !