Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Croatia - Županja

I received my 2nd Croatian postcard in World Languages RR. It was written in Croatian and fortunately I understood it, although I haven't learnt this language YET (but I'm sure I want to try, because my dream is to be able to speak all of Slavic languages).
So, let Wikipedia help us a bit again...

Županja is a city in eastern Slavonia, Croatia, located 254 km east of Zagreb. It is administratively part of the Vukovar-Srijem county. It is inhabited by 13,775 people (2001), 96.45% which are Croats.

Županja lies on the Sava river opposite Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is the site of a border-crossing bridge with the mostly Croat town of Orašje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Another border-bridge? Yes, I'd love to visit Županja then ;)

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Rango said...

Hi Ksenia! I am Goggs1212 @ postcrossing forum. I received all postcard for groups 26 i 32 (Slavic countries to the ROW RR). I can't send you u2u because i'm unregistered member. Regards! Goran