Thursday, July 17, 2008

China - traditional painting

I received this postcard in a private swap from a Chinese postcrosser from Shanghai. I like it very much, although I can't give you any information about it. The sender writes that it was a traditional Chinese painting. But all the information printed on the postcard is in Chinese (and, "surprisingly", I can't read it)... Well, with a small part of it in Latin transcription - "Dai Dun Bang Hua Tang Shi". I tried to google it, but with no result. So, I just enjoy this painting, whatever it is :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi,it's me again.I'm from Shanghai,too,and,guessing what I coincidental know this painting.

Long time ago,there was a beatiful concubine of king, named Yang.She's favourate fruit was LiZhi,one special chinese fruit only painting in the south,and esay to turn bad.The king,named TangMinghuang,loved his concubine,Yang,very much,so he let his soldiers dilivered this LiZhi for Yang.Since China is very large,and the LiZhi was painting far away from their palace,those soldiers should hurry on their way,very hard working.

The soldiers'hard working were just for a smile of Yang,after she ate those LiZhi.Then you can image how luxury their life was.Then before long,the kingdom was debilicating,the citizen all owned this to Yang,and the king had to kill her by himself.It was a love tragedy finally.

Then a poet named DuMu,when he passed this palace of Yang and TangMinghuang,this story accured to him,and wrote a poem to memory this story.And at that time,it was popular to draw a picture to match a poet.That painting was matching this DuMu's poem.

That's way you can see a soldier in a hurry to the palace.